• Tiffany Winter

    Tiffany Winter [Click Here]

    Name: Tiffany Winter Twitter: @1TiffanyWinter Age: 25 Hometown: New york city What are Long-term Goals? To be a mogul. I want to be simular to Oprah Winfrey. Be positive, uplifting, & encourage. If you had to up and coming models advice what would it be? Stay positive, work hard, & never let anyone tell you to be […]

  • Kemberly Pineda

    Kemberly Pineda [Click Here]

    Name: Kemberly Pineda Twitter: @Kemthybeauty Age: 22 Hometown: The Bronx What are your Long-term Goals?   Earn my master to become a RN If your birthday could fall on a national holiday, which would it be? Independence Day only because I’m a very independent and outgoing person. If you could have your favorite restaurant name a dish […]

  • Joy

    Joy [Click Here]

    Name: Joy Hometown: Harlem Twitter: @JOYTOY7190 More questions coming soon.

  • Stephany Romero

    Stephany Romero [Click Here]

    Name: Stephany Romero Hometown: Bronx Twitter: @Stephany_Romero More questions coming soon.

  • JeJuan Smith

    JeJuan Smith [Click Here]

    Name: JeJuan Smith Hometown: Atlanta Twitter: @JeJuanSmith More questions coming soon.

  • Bonni V.

    Bonni V. [Click Here]

    Name: Bonnie V. Twitter: @BonniV Hometown: Bronx, NY. My mother’s from the Dominican Republic, I was born at Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan. I wasn’t raised in Manhattan, I was raised out of Rockland County. The last time I been to DR was last year. I have a lot of family there, a lot. They come […]

  • Nina Banks

    Nina Banks [Click Here]

    Name: Nina Banks Hometown: Virgina Twitter: N/A More questions coming soon.

  • Leandra Gonzalez

    Leandra Gonzalez [Click Here]

    Name: Leandra Gonzalez Hometown: Harlem Twitter: @LeeeFancy More questions coming soon.

  • Maui Tyler

    Maui Tyler [Click Here]

    Name: Maui Tyler Hometown: Bronx Twitter: @_iMaui_ More questions coming soon.        

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